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A Lovely Walk

It's been a bit of a struggle to get inspired to draw lately. Something about working full time as a designer really creates a strain on your usual creativity rubber band. All the ideas that you had to create in a day have been used up, and only when you work those muscles a little harder do more ideas come out. 

I try my very best not to wait for inspiration to strike - it's a waiting game that gets the better of most of us - but it's difficult when you're in a critical state of mind to even begin. 

I'm trying to create simpler, low pressure artworks lately (as above). The pressure of consistent, quality work in the office needs a counter balance of freeing, creative work to keep the passion alive. For me, at least, it keeps the idea floodgates a little more open to oddities. 

As an artist, the secret to success is to make some stupid shit while you wait for people to like your real stuff. Then realise your stupid shit is your real stuff.
— @Cyriak Harris on Twitter