Fine Doodles & Designs


The sketches, work in progress, and insights into my drawings. Explore the artworks in more detail here.


Art ruts are a mighty beast to climb out of. It's a deep pit, and the muddy walls seep between your fingertips as you scale it's walls. Indents of fingers. Lines and dots and scrapes. Eventually, even the climb becomes art. 

But getting there is the real beast, and I'm deep in it lately. I'm trying to push past it, and create regardless. Hopefully during summer I'll get back into my good swing and start making work that feels good

Here's some facial studies I did in the studio with Anthony while he worked. Working as a designer is great when you're pushing out work on a regular basis, but it's great to be able to doodle and not worry about how you'll use it later.


Study 12.2017

Study 12.2017