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Aries -- The Ram

Aries -- The Ram

Lately I've been in a shoe box of struggle. Amongst private freelance projects, moving house, and other major changes - I've been really quiet on the personal art front. It gets me in a weird mood, not sharing or creating odd things on the side. I wanted to jump back in with a project that captured me into a fun mindset again. 

Astrology has been a personal passion of mine for a really long time. From curling up with my Aunt as she read our birthday analysis, to compatibility reports when I was fifteen, to where I am today - jotting down notes along with an Astro podcast and looking up birth charts at parties. It's a long held obsession - what I call the dreamy version of Myers Briggs. I love it. I love perusing books, listening, taking notes, and sharing a vision of what other peoples potential can be. It's incredibly historical and in depth too - a Cancerian's dream.

So I've created a collection of icons and illustrations, paired with colours I mentally pair with each sign. I hope to share a little of my own knowledge of each sign across the next few weeks on my social pages, and here too.

Here's my sneak preview - Aries, the Ram. It's the first sign of the Zodiac, with the season starting around 21 March and running until 19 April each year. They're innocent, ambitious, trusting and assertive. They can also be reckless, over the top, aggressive. It's a great starting point - fire in the belly and ambitious energy burning inside.

I hope you like it, and that you enjoy whats to come.