Fine Doodles & Designs


The sketches, work in progress, and insights into my drawings. Explore the artworks in more detail here.


After an unusual rainy day of shopping and strange indulgences, Anthony and I invested in some Lego. 900 pieces, to be a little precise. Through the magic of play and invention, I began to create characters and unusual shapes - as ugly or strange as I felt necessary. It possibly became one of the better Saturday nights in I've had. 

When you have a photographer in your life, you'll understand how exciting it is to have a new concept to share with the world. Skronched was born from that lazy Saturday night, and talented Anthony's good eye. 

We've got a brand spanking new instagram up and running, much to the confusion of our peers, but take a quick peep at the latest of our Lego ideas. More craftiness and miscellaneous things to come! I'm looking forward to making even stranger things, possibly breaking the boundary of Lego to even wilder ideas.