Fine Doodles & Designs


b. 1986, HK.

Photography by  Anthony Hearsey , he's great too.

Photography by Anthony Hearsey, he's great too.


  1. Studied Interactive & Visual Design, then tripped over on my way out
    and fell into marketing. 

  2. You'll find me sipping an iced long black in the mornings, furious at daylight in the most gentle way possible.

  3. Favourite snack: Popcorn

  4. I am always willing to discuss astrology. (Cancerian, FYI)


I'm Charcola // Georgina - an illustrator and graphic designer in Brisbane, Australia. I was born to scribble silly faces, thick lines, and perplexing mixes between nature and fantasy. 

Email me with your design dreams, commission ideas, or tell me your star sign, if you're feeling fancy.